BeltWide Incorporated was founded in 1997, in North Carolina by Chuck & Carmen Miglianti. The company headquarters were relocated in 2000 to Tampa, FL., USA.

Chuck was named Project Manager for Speedling Incorporated in 1984 and was responsible for the initial introduction of the float system for tobacco transplant production in the United States. He resigned Speedling as Division Manager of Horticultural Products in 1996.

BeltWide was founded in response to increasing challenges in tobacco transplant production, both production and environmental. Solutions to these challenges are pursued aggressively. BeltWide products are used on all tobacco producing continents.

We do not diversify from our tobacco roots. While we specialize in float system production, we are also competent in overhead watering systems as well as the semi float systems utilized in Southeast Asia.

Our company and products are in constant evolution. We specialize in helping local agencies and their technicians develop successful local variations of system that adapt to their local conditions, insuring the success of the system. We draw from our international experience to help insure this success.

We work with strong manufacturing companies to develop our product lines focusing on the evolving needs and challenges of the tobacco grower and the industry.